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Coach Pitch

Ground Rules 2016

 Coach Pitch League shall be governed by Little League rules and the General Ground Rules except for the following approved local league rules:
1  Teams
a. The team roster shall consist of players with the league age of six, seven and  eight Year olds. (With the provision the six-year-old has played T Ball the previous year.)
b.The player agent shall organize the team rosters.
c. The player agent shall equalize the team rosters as best as possible and determine the maximum number on each team.
d. Managers shall not and will not encourage a player to quit.
e.No request for a team change will be permitted without good cause and approved by the Board of Directors of the League.
f.There shall be FIVE (5) pitches or 3 strikes, no walks, three strikes is an out.          
(All pitches must be overhand, No underhand pitches allowed)
g. If a batted ball hits the pitching coach it will be considered a foul.
h. A player can not steal from 1st to 2nd base, but will be allowed to steal from 2nd to 3rd base after the first strike to the batter and the ball crossed the plate cleanly. (No bounced balls in the dirt)
2.The team roster shall use the continuous batting order (Every member bats) No changes shall be made in the batting order due to defensive changes.
3. Each team member will play defensively a minimum of every other inning.
4. League will be allowed a maximum of 5 runs per inning.
5. No inning will start after one hour ten minutes from start time. If an inning is in progress, it will be completed.
6. When the total runs scored as a result of an over the fence Home Run exceeds the five run limit, all run will count with the maximum of eight runs.
7. An official game is three innings, two and one-half if the home team is ahead.
8.The umpire will declare the ball dead once the ball is in the infield and no play is being made on a runner, All runners must return to their respective bases provided they have not crossed the halfway (White) line.
9. Vacancies shall be filled from the player agent’s list of late registrants.
10. No head first sliding. Runner is out
11. No on deck batting.
12. A runner will be allowed one base on an over thrown ball.

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